Why effekijkebijjan.nl?

After buying Antis v.'t Hondsdraf, our first Stabijhoun,  I wanted to see his pedigree in photos. At the beginning I took pictures of the litter.  His mother Atsje was most often seen in those pictures. But what did his father look like? And all the other ancestors?  During Clubactivities and shows photos were taken of Stabijhoun in general  and relatives of Antis in particular. In connection with the NVSW photos of Wetterhoun were taken as well. And the results of all this???? Lots of pictures and at the end an incomplete  photopedigree.  By putting them on the W.W.W. maybe someone else does succeed.
If not, I do think the site gives a good look at the breeds in the past 20 years.

That's why.............effekijkebijjan.nl
Have a nice time and thanks for 
your visit.

Jan Windhouwer, Rotterdam 2004

Informatie over Stabij- en Wetterhoun??

Een Houn vermist of gevonden? Meldt dit mét foto


1986   -   2005
 20 years Stabij- and Wetterhounpictures

Thanks to everyone who provided me with pictures.