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© Helga-Mari Tessem
                                                           Photos at Tysken, Finnskogen 27.05.2006                           

Finnskogen 2006 062

Livsgnistan`s Bacchus S40546/99
 Handler and owner Mette Eckhoff.
    After bloodtracking.  Daily name:  Bacchus

Finnskogen 2006 067

Häromi`s Lotus L L of Anne S29474/2003
 Owner and handler Trond Morten Teigen.
  After bloodtracking.  Daily name:  Emil

Finnskogen 2006 073

Häromi`s Offshore Bram S26984/2004.
  Owner Ellen Leikvangen. 
After bloodtracking.  Daily name: Bonus
Finnskogen 2006 081
Kayoba`s Candy Floss.
  Owner Anneke Van Dam.
 Doing bloodtracking!  Daily name:  Lobke.
Finnskogen 2006 097
Næssgården`s Ambra Amore Unus 06102/05.
 Owner Britt and Lars Pinderud.
 Doing bloodtracking.  Daily name:  Ambra.

Finnskogen 2006 168

Arsia`s Bailo S62948/2005. 
Owner Kenneth and Gry Johannesen.
 Daily name:  Bailo 


Finnskogen 2006 175

Bägsby`s Millett (not quite sure if that is the correct title).
 don`t have the reg.number but she is born 15.10.2005. 
 Owner Marit and Øystein Lohman. 
After bloodtracking.  Daily name:  Millett

Finnskogen 2006 241

Bägsby`s Millett again.

Finnskogen 2006 245

Vallbyviks`s Oliver Twist S11356/2004.
  Owner Lina Kayser.
Daily name: Saivo.


Finnskogen 2006 255

Häromi`s Offshore Bram S26984/2004.
 Owner Ellen Leikvangen.
 Daily name: Bonus

Finnskogen 2006 260

Molargården`s Cenita S14859/2005.
  Owner Rita Holtung and Jostein Jorstad.
    Daily name Luna

Finnskogen 2006 270

Næssgården`s Always Action Ahead 06100/05.
  Owner Helga-Mari Tessem and Jarle Erdalsdal.
 Daily name: Amigo


Hi Jan!

I`m sending you some pictures from our Stabijmeeting last week at Finnskogen in Norway. 
We managed to gather 15 out of 40 stabijhouns for a weekend, and we had a great time. 
We did both blood-tracking and other things and everybody seamed to enjoy!



Finnskogen 2006 208
All 15 stabijs with owners!!! 
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Website Amigo
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